DAY 1: Portugal

Wine is an integral part of Portugal and its culture. Much more than vineyard tours and tastings, Portugal is home to innovative wine experiences designed to delight all of your senses. Wineries, restaurants, wine bars, wine routes, wine spas, and beautiful vineyards grace the hillsides. Experiencing Portugal through its wine can be highly interactive and immersive and is an ideal introduction to the country’s culture, history and traditions.

The oldest Demarcated Wine Region in the world, Portugal’s Douro has been recognized for prestigious wines since 1756 and was designated a World Heritage by UNESCO. Wine lovers will particularly appreciate the opportunity to discover a wide variety of its acclaimed wines, which can only be enjoyed here, as only a few are exported to the US. (Fewer than 2% of wines imported into the US are from Portugal!) 

Mild climate, 3000 hours of sunshine per year, splendid beaches, internationally renowned golf courses, cosmopolitan cities and abundant nature, Portugal is the perfect holiday destination all year round.

Vacation options for enchanting Portugal are plentiful. Whether you prefer your vacations catered or independent, by bike, car and/or train, the ease of an ocean or river cruise or in a comfortable villa, the beauty and charm of this laid-back Mediterranean world will reveal why it is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. 

Plan your Portugal vacation for a minimum of seven days to ensure you can immerse yourself in the most popular locales’ culture, customs, and traditions. More time would allow you to venture further to experience less touristy areas or stay longer in an area to scratch beneath the surface. Part of the southern Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is ideally positioned to be part of a multi-country vacation with nearby Spain and/or Morocco for a vacation of a lifetime!

Currently vacations are being reserved for 2021 and 2022, with some suppliers reporting 50% to 80% already booked for 2021. With offers of no risk cancellation policies, book early discounts, reduced deposits and other special offers, now is a great time to secure your Portugal vacation.

WHEN TO GO: Year round destination, allow at least 7 days

POPULAR TRAVEL STYLES: River Cruises, Small Private Groups, Independent Travel, Regional Vacation

IDEAL FOR: Culinary/Wine, Golfing, Biking/Hiking Vacation, Romantic Travel, History, Active Travel, Family & MultiGenerational

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Published by Cheryl Walton

Travel changes your perspective while creating special memories along the way. My goal is to always help create the vacation experience you imagine - whether it's bucket list travel, a celebration or a special interest vacation - history, WWII, heritage, wine, beer, culinary, language, art, and genealogy (just a few of my favorites). My first trip abroad was to southern Belgium as part of a town twinning program to help keep French culture alive in Louisiana. My host family provided an inside view of their country, lifestyle and culture, creating a friendship now 30+ years strong through 4 generations! That trip definitely impacted my style of travel - getting off the beaten path and engaging with locals - as well as a later career change to travel advisor. I strive to provide similar experiences tailored to your interests and comfort level.

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