DAY 2: Slovenia

A wine from Slovenia! This one is of particular interest to me since Slovenia has long been on my travel list, and only the second time I’ve had a wine from Slovenia (I enjoyed both by the way – found them to be crisp and clean, while flavorful). 

Slovenia’s three wine-growing regions have their own character, each wine a unique story, and is a country that is very proud of its 450+ year old winemaking tradition. It’s worth noting that the world’s oldest grapevine as well as the world’s largest grape press can be found in Slovenia. While the US does import a small percent of Slovenian wines, a vacation here provides the ability to enjoy a much greater variety of vineyards, and the opportunity to pair them with unique regional dishes.

Regional wine routes are plentiful and great for unique travel experiences …. Wine cottages, wine safaris, cycling among vineyards, wine (and beer) fountains, accommodations to sleep among the vineyards, vineyard glamping, sunrise or sunset vineyard walks …. the ways to enjoy wine in Slovenia go on and on.

Slovenia is a small country, is part of the European Union, and has been named one of the friendliest in Europe. Located just across the Adriatic Sea from Venice, Italy, it has been off the beaten track for most tourists until recently. Best known for its mountains, ski resorts and lakes, and a small Slovenian Riviera with charming coastal towns, Slovenia also boasts an area of health-giving thermal waters with natural health resorts dotting the area’s sunny hills and vineyards. Couple this with authentic, hearty local cuisine (by welcoming farms) and you have an unmatched vacation for relaxation and well being. 

From the majestic Alps to the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, Slovenia attracts visitors with its medieval influences, historic wine culture, picturesque towns, cultural and historical monuments, caves, and its capital, Ljubljana, which offers a vibrant modern city with a historic center, yet has a relaxing vibe. Engaging museums, galleries, theaters and monuments can occupy you in Ljubljana for days.

Enjoy the grand, natural beauty of the nearby Julian Alps within the Triglav National Park, one of Europe’s largest natural parks. Slovenia’s Lake Bled, often named as the most photogenic lake on our planet, has been included in the top 10 of Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List, as well as being the highest ranked experience in Europe.

With abundant opportunity for new, varied and unique experiences, unbelievable beauty, scenery, traditions and history, Slovenia should not be missed!  Vacations to Slovenia can be enjoyed completely by land or with the ease of a cruise – or both. With so many different choices, this destination is the perfect opportunity to customize a vacation that is uniquely yours (like glamping at a river resort that includes unlimited chocolate during your stay!).  

A recommended minimum of four to five days for your Slovenia vacation would allow for a well-rounded trip that includes classics like Triglav National Park and Predjama Castle. However, there is plenty to enjoy if you have more time – and most visitors wish they had spent more time there. Additionally, it’s location – at the crossroads of the Slavic, German, and Italian worlds – Slovenia can easily be combined with nearby Austria, Slovakia, and/or Croatia for a truly memorable vacation!

To avoid crowds of tourists, the best time to visit Ljubljana is from April to May or from September to October. You’ll experience comfortable, and occasionally cool weather for sightseeing. Or for the Christmas Markets – Slovenia is at the top of the Condé Nast Traveller list of best holiday destinations for 2021..  

Currently vacations are being reserved for 2021 and 2022.  Offers of no risk cancellation policies, book early discounts, reduced deposits and other special offers make it as enticing as ever to secure your vacation to Slovenia.

WHEN TO GO: April-May, September-October, and for the Christmas Markets (December), Allow at least 4-5 days.  

POPULAR TRAVEL STYLES: Small Private Groups, Independent Travel, Well Being Travel, Sustainable Travel, MultiCountry/Regional Vacation

IDEAL FOR: Culinary/Wine/Beer, Wellness/Spa Travel, Biking/Hiking/Skiing Vacation, Honeymoons/Romantic Travel, Glamping

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