DAY 19: Bordeaux, France

Today we travel back to the exceptional wine region of Bordeaux, home of the oldest fine-wine vineyards in the world. Since we previously visited the city of Bordeaux on Day 4, the designated Bordeaux wine region on Day 6, and the “micro regions” on Days 10 & 11, today we will travel just east of the Bordeaux region, venturing a little further afield for some rewarding discoveries.


In addition to the vast variety of landscapes, sites, attractions and activities in Bordeaux, you can add even more to your explorations by visiting the Dordogne region just east of the Bordeaux vineyards. Within an easy 1-1/2 to 2 hour drive, explore the medieval towns of the Dordogne region, also known for prehistoric cave paintings and cave dwellings found in the area. Many of the designated “most beautiful villages of France” are located in the Dordogne Valley.

The medieval walled city of Sarlat is a popular vacation spot for Europeans as well as some Americans. We visited Sarlat in the spring, using it as a hub to explore the region, and it is still one of our favorites. The 14th century town’s medieval buildings and renaissance facades make the perfect backdrop for meandering its narrow streets and passageways, popping into shops and enjoying the town’s weekly markets in the town square.

Photo courtesy of Michelin Travel

The Dordogne countryside is green, scenic and popular for hikes, countryside walks, picnics and other outdoor activities. A cycle path (for road, racing or mountain bikes or roller skating) runs from Sarlat to Cazoulès. The Dordogne River offers relaxing fun by canoe, kayak or flat bottom boat tours. Or you might even choose to enjoy the beautiful countryside from the air in a hot-air balloon.

WHEN TO GO: Spring or Fall, Allow at least 3 to 4 full days for Bordeaux and its countryside, at least a week or more if including the Dordogne region nearby

POPULAR TRAVEL STYLES: Small Private Groups, River Cruise, Small Ship Cruise, Independent Travel 

IDEAL FOR: Culinary/Wine, Romantic Travel, Bicycling, History, City Stay, Regional Travel or Multi-Country Tour

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