DAY 21: Trevenezie, Italy

Today’s wine takes us to the far Northeast corner of Italy, to the area of Trevenezie. The three wine regions in this northeastern corner are referred to as Trevenezie, or Tre Venezie (the “Three Venices”), because they were once part of the Venetian Empire. Within this region is the Veneto region, which we visited on Day 7 and the region forms Italy’s eastern border with Slovenia (see Day 2).

Udine Piazza

Referred to as the entryway from Italy into Central Europe is Gorizia, a city and province of the same name. Known for its beautiful buildings, Gorizia has a royal past that still lives on today with palaces and beautiful gardens found throughout the city.

This area’s location has made it a crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe throughout history, which explains the many different cultural artifacts found here ranging from Austrian to Slavic, Venetian Empire and Turkish. And, as part of the Roman Empire, the region is dotted with ancient Roman ruins.

The region’s landscape is composed of welcoming small towns and village, with pleasant rolling hills and mountains as their backdrop. Here you can spend your time leisurely visiting museums as well as cheesemakers or prosciutto makers.

Photos courtesy of Italy National Tourism, Italy Magazine and Wine and Travel Italy

This area is great to include with a city stay in Venice, when exploring the many cities and sites of northern Italy, or as part of a combination Italy to Slovenia itinerary. The best time to visit is April/May when the winter chill has lifted and the sun is normally out, or in September/October. 

WHEN TO GO: April/May or September/October, Allow at least 3 days for this region  

POPULAR TRAVEL STYLES: Small Private Groups, Independent Travel, “Off the Beaten Path” Travel, Luxury Travel

IDEAL FOR: Romantic Travel, Culinary/Wine, Art, History, Family Vacation, Regional Immersion

Stonewall in old town of Cividale del Friuli 

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